Double Standards

second comingSo it’s always interesting to me, as I follow politics and pop culture and the like, to see double standards so widely applied.  More interesting, perhaps, is how the inconsistency of a standard goes so often unchallenged.  Something as innocuous as who lip syncs and who does not…a scandal when it’s done on a late night talk show by one singer, but completely defensible when it’s done at the presidential inauguration in 40ish degree temperatures…and by a singer who hosted a party for the sitting president.  Something as huge as blaspheming God with references to the God-like characteristics of our sitting president, who is wholly unlike Christ…a pass because those who make the comparison have the correct politics, and those who see the blasphemy for what it is do not.

We have become a nation, a people, a human race that has elevated our importance over that of God.  We have become so inured to that, that we barely blink an eye when someone utters words so arrogant (that we infuse religion with our morality, not the other way around), or publishes outright blasphemy against God.  It’s all in the name of…what…political correctness?  Diversity?  Self-aggrandizement?  Amorality?  Hubris?

I don’t have the answers to those questions.  But I do know this…that when God is not front and center, everything goes to hell.