R is for Remember… #AtoZChallenge

A to Z Letter R…If You Wouldn’t Say it About a Boob Job…

This might be my most favorite thing I have ever seen about what not to say (and conversely, what to appropriately say) to adoptive families.  Spencer Findlay created this hilarious video that makes an excellent – and awesomely funny – point about some of the truly dumb questions asked and comments made to adoptive families.

In Spencer’s words:  Sometimes very well meaning people will say some pretty insensitive things to adoptive families. We can only assume that they’re not trying to be mean, but instead lack the vocabulary to say what they’re really asking. So that’s why we came up with this rule of thumb: “If you wouldn’t say it about a boob job, don’t say it about an adoptive family.”

(filmed and edited by Spencer Findlay)

Without further ado:

Click on through to the YouTube or Vimeo pages if you want to see the comments attached to the video.  Funny, funny stuff, and a huge shout out to Spencer Findlay for the perfect way to address this topic today!

REMEMBER…if you wouldn’t say it about a boob job, don’t say it at all.


2 thoughts on “R is for Remember… #AtoZChallenge

  1. I LOVE IT! It’s so true- we’ve had those, and more really odd questions… My favorite “is that legal?” as if my parents randomly stole some kids, enrolled them in schools, got them drivers licenses, and the government was totally cool with them having STOLEN children. Of course multiple adoptions is legal!

    • What on earth?? Is it legal? I’m sure it is because most of the time, people don’t know what to say…kind of like with an obvious boob job. Nevertheless, “when in doubt, don’t” would definitely be a could rule of thumb to employ. 😀

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