Writer’s Block

stressI am stressed these days…in fact, I am a walking illustration of what stress can look like.  Every skin issue I struggle with has flared up.  My back pain has flared up.  I wake up frequently with a headache.  My shoulders & neck feel stiff and sore all the time.  I grind my teeth at night.  My energy level has tanked, and even working out (which I do) does not give me the boost it usually does.  Sometimes I can’t sleep, sometimes I sleep to much because I can’t turn off my thoughts and quiet my frustrations & worries.  I eat the wrong things…comfort foods that don’t really comfort.


The problem with stress is that, when I least want it to, it leads to writer’s block.  So the very thing that has provided relief for me on myriad occasions seems just beyond my fingertips at the moment.  It is frustrating, and made more so because of part of what is troubling me is a personal brouhaha over my writing.

I want to sit down and spill it all a the keyboard.  I can’t…I can’t find the words right now.  Instead, I internalize everything and then talk my husband’s ear off in the middle of the night.  To his credit, being the incredible man he is, he understands that those late night rantings are sometimes necessary, and he listens…or suffers through them…until I wind down, or he kicks me out to the couch because he needs to sleep.

god healsThis will pass.  I know it will, but in the meantime I’m muscling through the anger, anxiety, frustration, and sadness the best that I can.  If you pray, please say one for me.  God is a miraculous healer, and I could use some heart healing right now.


10 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Hoping things will get better for you. Ever Heard the song, “The Warrior is a Child”? In my times of distress, it puts into words the feelings I have. When I’m in a pit, this is the scripture I turn to: Psalms 40:1-5
    1 I waited patiently for the Lord;
    And He inclined to me,
    And heard my cry.
    2 He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,
    Out of the miry clay,
    And set my feet upon a rock,
    And established my steps.
    3 He has put a new song in my mouth—
    Praise to our God;
    Many will see it and fear,
    And will trust in the Lord.
    4 Blessed is that man who makes the Lord his trust,
    And does not respect the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.
    5 Many, O Lord my God, are Your wonderful works
    Which You have done;
    And Your thoughts toward us
    Cannot be recounted to You in order;….

    I’m so glad He is constantly with us and aware of what affects us…. He can set our feet upon the ROCK! Awesome.

  2. Just stopping by from A-Z and read that you are having back issues and not feeling well. I’ve had back surgery and must be careful w/ my back, so I’m sending a prayer your way, that you are feeling better by the time you read this.
    I love seeing all the scriptures on the left…it’s so nice to find other believers in the blogosphere. I’m going to follow and check back. 🙂
    from The Dugout

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