Do You Think…?

…I’d (finally) start enjoying Christmas again if I turned off the TV entirely for the next month, and instead listened to beautiful Christmas music, watched Christmas movies, practiced Christmas carols on the piano, and read a few books?

Won’t happen, of course, but it’s a thought.

I’ll at least listen to Christmas music.  Here’s one of my faves!


One thought on “Do You Think…?

  1. Turn it off!!!! I double dog dare you!

    I have only seen network/cable TV on vacation or at other peoples houses for 20 so odd years now. Least you think me crazier than I am….we have watch our share of DVD’s (love a library that loans DVD’s) over the years!

    Surprisingly (especially to me), I haven’t missed it. I’m not bombarded with commercials, I don’t have children that beg/whine for the newest toy or gadget the TV says they NEED, network excs don’t dictate my schedule (In the “old” days I could tell you what time it was by what was on TV), I don’t have to listen to endless news reports……..I could go on and on……..

    Over all I have a calm, mellow, peaceful home where the holidays (actually everyday) is what we make it! I like that!

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