Regurgitated Ruminations: A Random Selection

Reunion:  I made a trip (home) to Tennessee to attend a sweet friend’s wedding.  What a fun weekend it was, seeing her googly-eyed with happiness, staying (and having a blasty-blast) with some of my favorite people, hugging more friends than I can count, and making a long-awaited visit to my very favorite used bookstore…McKay’s.  So glad I made that trip.  I have missed my TN friends so much, and it was nice to indulge in a weekend with them, and without responsibilities.

Relatives (relating to the above):  What did not happen last weekend was contact with the family I have in TN.  I had the time.  I even had a fleeting inclination to do so, but I could not make myself do it.  There has been a fair amount of rancor in our “relationship” over the past several years, and the geographical distance gained by my cross-country move has helped (me).  Nonetheless, I could not overcome the gulf, even for something as small as a “Hey!” while I was in town…even to save myself looking like an asshole.  Maybe next time…

Honey. Dripping out of the wall. Dead bees. Yep, that’s a new one for me!

Returning:  Back home to AZ and hitting ground running.  School, meetings, homework, another wedding, relatives visiting, piano practice, HONEYBEES in the front wall…it’s been a breathless week and a half.  My mom’s birthday came and went while I was out of town, and it was only yesterday that I finally was able to get to the post office and mail her gift.  I am such a slug with birthdays – all birthdays, not just my mom’s.  In fact, the only birthday I’m routinely ready for on time is my son’s.  Apologies to all who are affected, but it’s unlikely to change.

Click HERE to check out what they’re doing!

Relatives (relating to the above):  Our nephew and his beautiful wife of two years spent the past several days with us.  We had such a great time with them…catching up with them, going to church, playing games, eating good food, taking pictures with cacti (or cactuses, if you prefer), and watching our 7yo son absolutely soak in as much of their love and attention as he could get.  They left this morning, and we miss them already!

Racket:  There is a lot of construction in our subdivision right now.  When we moved in, things were fairly slow, but it has been non-stop for the whole of 2012. Good for them, but it does create racket…and dust.  LOTS of dust.

Racing…to November, when the NASCAR race comes to town.  More importantly, when one of my BFFs comes to visit for a week.  Yes, she’s coming for the race (it’s an annual thing), but she’s also my shopping (and thrifting) soul mate!  My husband gets kid duty, and I get to marathon shop with my bestie!  Happy, happy, happy dance!

ROSS, Dress for Less:  A favorite place to shop, because I am nothing if not a discount shopper.  I love a good deal…a good sale…a clearance blowout.  The less I have to spend for something I need (OK…something I want), the happier I am.  So tell me, why is it that, in order to procure these deals, I have to endure regularly horrendous customer service.  Honestly, Walmart often has superior service, and that is s-a-d, because they’re on the service sh*t list too!

Rude!  Don’t be.

Rogue Thoughts:  If it’s ribald or raunchy, It’s usually funny (to me).  Can’t help it…that stuff makes me giggle & snort.

Recurrent Rapture:  Pumpkin spice latte is back in season.  I love fall, and pumpkin spice latte…or indeed, anything pumpkin…is largely the reason.  Well, that and cooler weather.

Romney/Ryan:  No way around it, they’re the lesser of two evils.  In truth, I’m voting less for them than against Obama/Biden.  Hoping for change this November.

Ready or Not:  The older I get, the faster life flies by.  There are days when I just want to stop the race and savor what’s going on for as long as possible.  On this note, I am going to savor a hot shower, a working vacuum, and time to practice the piano uninterrupted.


2 thoughts on “Regurgitated Ruminations: A Random Selection

  1. so glad you had fun in TN. It’s an awesome place and it’s so nice to reconnect with sweet friends. I like that your blog is real. That is a good thing. Onward and upward! Jan

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