Free Speech Zone

Believe in free speech? I do. If you want to see more things like this, click on the graphic and like The Federalist Papers’ Facebook page. It’s a treasure trove of constitutional facts and ideas.


2 thoughts on “Free Speech Zone

  1. Yes, free speech. Good. Includes freedom to moderate one’s comments (or films) so as not to endanger the lives of thousands of embassy staff, ex-patriots and other Westerners. It is very possible to criticise or discuss Islam without doing so. Excellent.

    • It also includes the freedom not to do so. It is not the responsibility of the US to curtail free speech so the Muslim world will not be offended. It is an impossible task, because the extremists are offended by our presence on this earth. The film trailer is simply another excuse to riot, and another excuse to pressure the US to enforce speech codes. I do not agree with that approach. I believe in unfettered free speech, which is what is guaranteed to us in the first amendment. 🙂

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