Arabicanum Cranium

A friend of mine posted the following graphic on Facebook this afternoon.  Now I have seen many beautiful odes to coffee and its miraculous regenerative properties, but this one spoke to me in a way that few do.  I think it’s the word nerd in me that connects so completely with this particular expression, so I share it with you.

Truthfully, though, it’s only 99% perfect.  After all, coffee head (singular) should have a singular scientific name.  Yes, I know, only a Grammar Nazi would point that out.  Well, hello…<waving>…look no further.  The idea, however, is perfect, so many thanks to my good friend for thinking of me!

Now go out and consume this sweet nectar of the gods, my fellow arabicanous craniums (or crania, if you really want to be highfalutin).


5 thoughts on “Arabicanum Cranium

  1. Lady, I admit to being an Arabicanum cranium (thank you, John!). I can’t live without my daily java. The minute I don’t have my first morning cup, I go into caffeine withdrawal. Yes, I’m definitely a coffee head! 🙂

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