“Beautiful” Tunes for a Tuesday

Though I’ve been writing / posting recently, I’ve been experiencing some writer’s block on a post I’ve been working on for several weeks…a sentence here & there, but not coalescing quickly.  I ran across today’s post from You Must Be From Away, and I was inspired to do my own Tunes for a Tuesday post.  So here are some selections I love from my other passion…music.

Stuart Townend – Beautiful Savior

MercyMe –Beautiful

Rage Against the Machine – Beautiful World

Queen – It’s a Beautiful Day

U2 – Beautiful Day

Darryl Worley – Awful Beautiful Life

10 Years – Beautiful

Prince – The Beautiful Ones

Purple Knights – The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
(because Spotify didn’t have the original Prince song)

Jimmy Buffett – The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

Bellamy Brothers – If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)

Darren Hanlon – I Wish that I was Beautiful for You

Duran Duran – Too Bad You’re So Beautiful

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

R.E.M. – At My Most Beautiful

Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful

Darius Rucker – She’s Beautiful

INXS – Beautiful Girl

Ben Harper – Beautiful Boy
(of course John Lennon’s original is the best, but sadly not available on Spotify)

Van Halen – Beautiful Girls

Bon Jovi – When We Were Beautiful

The Cure – How Beautiful You Are

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

Beck – Beautiful Way

Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Beautiful

Smashing Pumpkins – Beautiful

Creed – Beautiful

Rascal Flatts – Long Slow Beautiful Dance

Sister Hazel – Beautiful Thing

Annie Lennox – A Thousand Beautiful Things

Josh Woodward – I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful

Shawn Mullins – Beautiful Wreck

Kelly Clarkson – Beautiful Disaster

Tina Turner – Something Beautiful Remains

Maroon 5 – Beautiful Goodbye


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