April 28 (Y)…YAWN.

Yes, I’m exhausted today, no doubt about it.  The day started at about 5:40am with a bouncing 6 1/2 year old young man raring to go, and considering that the sun was up before he was, it’s really a surprise he slept as long as he did.


We spent the morning in Surprise attending a very informative seminar on a huge project we are about to undertake…again…this time (hopefully) being able to see it through to fruition, without interruption, and with the desired results.  More on this later…


This afternoon we gathered with friends to celebrate two years on this fun, crazy, beautiful best-adventure-we’ve-ever-had in the Valley of the Sun.  It’s a milestone for my husband’s office, as he and six other engineers headed to the desert to start a new office and support a new client.  We had no idea how things would work out…but it has been one of the best decisions we have made for our family.


So I am exhausted.  Worn flat out.

It has been a long day.  Good, but long.


Y’all hold the fort down, ‘kay?


7 thoughts on “April 28 (Y)…YAWN.

  1. I lived in the Valley of the Sun for 13 years, and my husband used to be an engineer there. In fact, my brother and his wife once lived in Surprise. Nice to meet you even though it’s at the very end of the A to Z Challenge.

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