Dear GOP….


6 thoughts on “Dear GOP….

  1. Yes we are trying to watch all of… I want to say…dishonest crooks… but I am trying to watch my tongue. Just want to say …”There isn’t an “I” in the word “team” so why is everyone going in a different direction and not accomplishing anything even close to what is in the best interest of the people? Yes .. I’m upset!

    • I’m disappointed, to say the least, and I’m forced (now) to vote against Obama rather than for anyone else. I will do so, but with some trepidation.

  2. There hasn’t been more than a dime’s worth of diffrence between the two major parties for at least forty years. Elections are now a choice between “damned if you do” and “damned if you don’t”. We’d be better off if our Representatives were chosen at random every four years.

  3. LoL…I wish the GOP had a great candidate. I hope Obama doesn’t win. If he does, we are screwed. Obama Care is going to kill us financially. Funny Post!!!

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