April 18 (P)…The Politics of Dancing

I participated in a market research interview this morning on politics…something I’ve never done before.  For 90 minutes, I sat at my computer, cell phone set to speaker, and answered questions about my political opinions.  It was a really interesting experience, and I’m glad to have done it…not just for the compensation (yep, it was a paying gig), but because I learned that I can, indeed, articulately clarify my political convictions in a way that is understandable and appreciated.  No dancing around the issues…not that I could have, as the interviewer was excellent at encapsulating what I had to say in statements that properly reflected my beliefs.  For someone who can sniff out bias from miles away, I can confidently say that he did not display any particular bias during this interview, and that quality gave me assurance that what I had to say will actually be presented accurately.

Why on earth it causes me to recollect the following song is a complete mystery to me, but there you have the peculiar ponderings of my coffee-fueled brain on 5 1/2 hours of sleep.  Presenting…


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