April 12 (K)…That’s Kooooooky!

I have to konfess, having lived with a small child for six and a half years, I’ve bekome something of a kid’s tv konnoisseur.  Aficionado, even.  I have watched enough PBS Kids, Nick Jr / Noggin / Nick Jr, Boomerang, Kartoon Network, etc. etc. to be able to regurgitate a good portion of their regularly sKeduled programming right back at the tv skreen.  I’m not saying that’s good.  It just…well…IS.

Frankly, I should probably be (more than) slightly embarrassed to admit that I aktually like some of the shows.  Partikularly when one of my preferred choices is Wow Wow Wubbzy.  Unfortunately, the little guy has largely grown out of that one, but I kan, okkasionally, get him to grudgingly agree to watch one.  They’re kooky.  Kooooooky!  Which brings me to today’s offering, for your viewing and listening (dis)pleasure.

You’re welkome! 😀

Have a kooooooky day!


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