What is “Hatepidity” anyway? | www.boortz.com

This is the awesomeness of pure, unadulterated irony.  *giggle* *snort* *chortle*

I love it when the true colors of stupidity show…especially when they are committing the very acts they are raging on.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!


What is “Hatepidity” anyway?

Boortz,You are a sub-human air pump full of Hatepidity. Considering the fact that you are intellectually bankrupt and challenged, means hatred, and stupidity. Your continued attacks against anything that is not white skinned, shows the sick tissues of rotten mind and body where the two radiate filth. Your continued attacks against my church, show your low level, and ugliness.Your love of another hateful pig, a child killer and occupier, like Benjamin Netanyahu, shows that you are nothing but a dog who barks your rotten lungs out, based on the orders, a sick dog like yourself gets from America’s enemies at AIPAC. Your show has become an air tabloid, you air head. If you know the hatred people have for you, you would just hung yourself. If you have any love, loyalty, or self respect, you would not be attacking our sitting president while praising a liar and an occupation prime minister. Stop insulting people and lying on the air. Cox and Fox, have become the symbol of hatred.Submitted by Pat Johnson

via What is “Hatepidity” anyway? | www.boortz.com.


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