Where Does the Anger Come From?

What makes a person

so certain of his/her superiority
so assured of his/her own “right” position
so confident that s/he is the sole possessor of truth

that nothing – no thing – is unworthy of a fight to the death
no individual – no person – is worth more than that fight
no relationship – none at all – is more valuable than being right?

Where does that kind of anger come from?

Who has hurt that person so much that
Even the slightest of slights is sinister in motive
Vengeful in origin
And purposely designed to malign?

What makes a person

so incapable of grace
so bereft of mercy
so resistant to reconcile

that no difference of opinion can be overlooked
that no slight can be forgiven
no apology can be wholly accepted?

Where does that kind of pride come from?

How can one nurse such contempt for others
That there is never a benefit of the doubt
Never an option for redemption
Never an avenue for restoration?

What makes a person this way?

I wish I knew.


3 thoughts on “Where Does the Anger Come From?

  1. Possibly the blend of ignorance and arrogance. And of course i don’t rule out demonic oppression. Evidence is everywhere.

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