My Husband Issued a Challenge to Me…

(well, actually two challenges)

We got to talking (At midnight, of course.  When else would we talk!?) about stuff…and writing…and people…and insanity…and profanity, and considering how well aware he is of my internal potty mouth, not to mention my usually consistent effort to watch my language around the small child & on the blog, he challenged me to write a totally potty-mouthed post, with a goal of at least two wirty dords per sentence.  I asked him if this was because he didn’t think I could do it.  He laughed (a bit maniacally…it was past midnight), and told me that, in fact, he not only thought I could, but that the challenge would be an easy one.

We shall see.  I’m up for it.  Not today, but stayed tuned for the soon-to-be-dropped f-bomb post.  It will happen as soon as a good, crappy mood sets in. 😀

The second challenge – unrelated – was to write a manifesto on forgiveness.  This comes as a response to my (unpublished) post of two days ago addressing one (of two) personal situations that have left me terribly hurt and forgiveness-challenged.  As much satisfaction as I would get from publishing the post, I can’t (and I won’t) because it would probably damage some relationships beyond the point where they could be restored.  One relationship may already be, and I have come to a relative peace with that, though as I have seen the same scenario play out with other people, I have been compelled to address it, even if it has been solely for my own mental health.

My husband, wise man that he (often) is, suggested that I use it as a starting point to write about forgiveness.  Real, substantive forgiveness.  Since this is something I struggle with profoundly, it’s a huge challenge.  Monumental.  But I will take it, nonetheless, and (hopefully) find some resolution for myself.

And maybe this can serve as the mea culpa for my forthcoming potty publication. *giggle*  I might be looking forward to that one just a wee bit more…please forgive me. ;-P


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