I love, love, love this post. There are more words I could add, but I’ll save it for another day. This is fab-u-lous! Hi-lar-i-ous! It makes my heart pitter-pat…a lot!

Maximum Wage


If you use these words in conversation you probably sound like a dullard an idiot or at best someone who has misheard a word. Your friends are nice and won’t say anything, so its up to me to open your eyes.

You’re welcome.



1. Supposably.

So imagine an intellectual who is well respected and constantly speaks through his or her nose. On one occasion they happen to get a cold and use the word “Supposedly.” On those rare occasions the word “Supposedly” could actually sound like “Supposably.” Now to the rest of you, good luck on finding a better excuse than that to hide your idiocy.

2. Conversate.

Come, let us sit by the fire reciting poems. I in my obsequiousness speaking the warmth of our friendship and you conversating on the days events. Conversation IS a word, CONVERSATE is not. I think the word…

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