I am a Lazy Mom

I’d write something myself on this topic, but why, when it’s stated to perfection right here. Thanks for writing the perfect response, Insanity of Motherhood!

Insanity of Motherhood

Anderson speaks with a mom who works outside the home who shares her extreme point of view, claiming that moms who stay at home are just lazy. Anderson and a panel of moms discuss the brand new controversial study that says moms with jobs are healthier and happier, and debate the issue of who is actually happier. ~AndersonCooper.com

I do not watch television.  I do not have cable.  I have never viewed the Anderson Cooper show.  The above quote is from a blog called Toddler Times, on Babble.  Beth Anne, from Toddler Times, posted a letter to Anderson Cooper to express her disappointment in topic choice.

The topic of the show was how moms who have jobs, are happier and healthier than moms who stay home to care for their children full-time.  One mother with a job outside the home claims, stay home moms are lazy. I read the letter and then read all the responses.  Most…

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