Wordy Wackiness

I love making up words, or using words that other people make up.  Some are just tailor made to roll clippingly off the tongue and remain in my vocabulary.  Here’s the thing:  the made up words that dive straight into my heart are always made up purposefully, for a particular use, full of irony & satire, and often usable either as a wellplaced Zing! or take the sting out of a zinger meant to harpoon youHere are a few that I love, some of which you’ll recognize.

  • Strategery (makes me happy on many, many levels)
  • Dumbassery
  • Douchbaggery (vivid, isn’t it?)
  • Ridiculosity (mine…which will probably end up as a blog title) 😀
  • Occutards
  • Celebutards
  • Fuckery (and frankly, any creative usage)
  • Huge-mongous (mine…coined ironically, because after all, what does humongous mean??  Oh irony of ironies, read this!)
  • Frack!! (self explanatory, I would think)
  • boobage (it’s just so much more fun…and descriptive…than cleavage or decolletage)
  • hoochiemama (do you even have to ask what that is?  that is made-up-word perfection)

There are some words that I hate…because they are made up as a result of utter ignorance of the English language, or their usage has become so ubiquitous that rather than continue on as slang, they have become incorporated into the American lexicon at large.  That at least some of these are now (officially) a part of the dictionary, sort of pains this English major’s heart.  It’s like giving in because the tide is too strong to fight, even if you’re right.  Here are some examples:

  • Ain’t (I’ve used it, but not as a regular part of my speech, and I don’t think my kiddo has ever heard it in our house)
  • Impactful (here is a great explanation of this loathesome word)
  • Ginormous (doesn’t personally work for me…I mean, how many variations of bigassery do we need… <– apparently one more!!)
  • teabagger (for obvious reasons, and if it’s not obvious to you, I’m not ‘splaining it)
  • re-donk-ulous (used by a friend, and only she should use it, IMO, because it reminds me of her, and should stay unique to her)
  • winky tink (defined here – and no thank you to the movie industry for this one)

And then there are the euphemisms…some are brilliant, beautiful ways to make your point without actually saying what it is that you’re actually saying.  Others, obviously, are utter ridiculosity.  Examples, you ask?  Certainly…

  • You know (you know, don’t you?)
  • Brain tarts (a recent typo by a friend on FB, but hilariously synomous to “brain farts,” which is an exceptional visual)
  • Hoohoo or hoohoodilly (Heh! Both euphemistically, and in its utter perfection as a made up word, this is a winner all the way around)
  • Political correctness (I call it dumbassery, you can call it the complete inability to call a spade a spade)
  • Ethnic cleansing (call it genocide…’cause that’s what it is, and it’s evil)
  • Dude in the dress (an atheist’s reference to Jesus, meant to insult, and completely inappropriate as a debate tactic)
  • Imbibe (love this one…imbibing libations <– don’tcha just love a little boozy alliteration?)
  • Taking the eternal, celestial dirt nap (LOL)
  • Rubenesque (love this one as well – and if you value your zaftig friends, we will answer to Rubenesque but never to fatty 😉
  • Junk in the trunk (a little or a lot…doesn’t matter…it’s good)
  • Holiday tree (it’s a CHRISTMAS TREE!!)

And because it needs to be asked, just how did “skinny dipping” come to mean swimming naked?  Just asking, because out of context it would hardly lead one in that direction linguistically.  In the long run, I don’t suppose it matters much…to me, anyway, as I go “chunky dunking” instead. LOLOLOLOL

You can find more euphemisms, as well as all kinds of other interesting (and funny) grammar info at Euphemism List.  For more good stuff on grammar & usage, check out Grammarist.  And, if your sensibilities are not easily offended, you can get the skinny on just about any bit of wordy information you’re little heart desires at Urban Dictionary.

Bye bye, chicken pies!

Check in again tomorrow! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wordy Wackiness

  1. Hahaha! I love this! Douchebaggery is a favorite. Another recent find that is becoming a personal favorite is “fucktard.” It just amuses me.

    Thanks for following my blog as well. I’m new to it & thoroughly enjoying it & enjoying all the other bloggers out there!

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