Could I Be More Frustrated?

Maybe, but probably not.

I just wrote and published my previous post – Flowers are (not just) Red – only to discover that, once published, the only thing that still exists is the title.  No text, no links, no nothing!!  I can’t recreate it…I mean, I could try, but…it was good just the way it was.

WHY does this happen??!!


3 thoughts on “Could I Be More Frustrated?

  1. I love your graphic and I love what “anhinga” wrote. I feel your frustration, but sometimes I think maybe what we think we need to say just isn’t meant to be for that particular time. Keep trying – maybe the people that were “supposed” to read it are ready for it now. 🙂

  2. I can relate to your frustration. Not so long I wrote a long email, accidentally hit the backspace or some key around it and poof! It was gone. I felt like crying. Check your settings and make sure your posts are autosaved. That way they’ll always be in drafts! 🙂

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