My Inspirations Come in the Middle of the Night…

…and now I can’t remember what it was that so inspired me.

I was lying in the bed last night, trying to find a comfortable position to keep me breathing easily and not coughing so I could actually rest.  And of course, because I was tired but not sleepy (damn that 2.5 hour nap), my mind was going 100 miles and hour, with no slowing in sight.  It is always in those moments when I do not have my computer before me, when I am not armed with pen & paper, that flashes of inspiration hit me.  I was convinced at 11:30 last night that my idea was brilliant, and I mapped out in my mind how I would write it, including posting the video that generated the idea.  I committed words & phrases to memory…or so I thought.


This morning, as I sit here trying to cull the ideas from the cobwebs of my mind, I am coming up empty.  Proof positive that an idea that sounded so brilliant at 11:30pm was not really so brilliant as I thought?  Perhaps it’s the side product of being sick and functioning at half capacity (or less) for the past several days?  Or maybe…just maybe…it’s the ravages of age?  Whatever the reason, my inspiration has eluded capture this morning, and what I am left with is a mere sketch of an idea that could have been.

But wait!  Could the remote recesses of my mind be conjuring up the thoughts of last night and reconstituting an idea worth sharing??

I don’t know, but I think I’ll start with figuring out how to imbed a video into my blog.  Stay tuned for flashes of…well, whatever it is that traverses my brain in the wee hours.


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