This Could be Me

Height: 5 2 ft     Weight: 98 lbs

Pant size: 0      Shirt size: S

I am so glad that the above picture shows the girl’s body but not her face, because this easily could have been me…when I learned I was fat at about age 12.  In fact, I was actually 96 lbs, and though I wore a larger pant size (probably more like a 4…I’ve never been a size 0 in my life), I was still shaped very much like the girl in this picture, and I had achieved my full height of 5’2″.

I was told I needed to lose two pounds in order to wear a certain coveted outfit…I lost the two pounds, and I wore the coveted outfit.  I did not realize that in order to continue wearing the coveted outfit, I had to maintain the two pound loss, or the outfit was off limits.

And so began my life as a chronically (or so I thought) overweight woman.


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